Notes from our Pastor 

Hello and welcome,

Allow me to introduce St. John’s faith community to you. This congregation has a long history in Michigan City which is being reshaped each day as we follow Jesus Christ. Our journey of faith is new each and every day so we have adopted this statement to guide our common life in Christ, “Love the Lord, Share the Faith and Serve all People”.

Most recently we have focused on helping families love the Lord in their home life. We have a method called the “4 W’s” which is an easy way for families to engage the Lord in family participation worship. Please ask about being introduced to this ministry.

Our most prominent ministry of sharing faith is a community-wide vacation bible school. We have partnered with eight other congregations to minister to youth in this city.  Our facility is most suitable to host this week-long event but the unity among these congregations in sharing faith with youth is a powerful witness to Christ. We have been reaching over 100 children each year for about seven years, all for God’s glory.

We also provide a pre-school experience during the week that nurtures school readiness skills and introduces children to Jesus.
Serving people has been an ongoing outreach for this congregation. We host Red Cross blood drives, Cub Scouts, and two small congregations that worship separately in our building. We support food pantries, soup kitchens, and deliver Meals on Wheels. We provide food and labor as we serve men’s and women’s shelters in this city. Our building is also used as an emergency Red Cross shelter when severe needs arise. We are very much involved in our community.

Thank you for your interest in St. John’s Church. I extend an invitation to you to come worship and share ministry with us in Jesus’ name.

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus,

Pastor Bill Fine

Let all that you do be done in love. ~ I Corinthians 16:14